Thursday, June 5, 2008

Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

Are you stuck trying to find a unique gift for your mate? Below you will find some great gift ideas that will be sure to wow your mate!

Give the Gift of Beer
What man wouldn't love to get beer as a gift! I'm not talking about the six-pack that you get at the grocery store, but a home micro brewery kit! These kits teach you and provide you with all the equipment you need to brew your own beer at home! Your man will be the envy of all his friends and it will all be because of you.

Gifts That Keeps on Giving
Gift clubs allow you to choose an item like wine, cigars, or cookies and have them delivered to your mate every month for up to a year! It's a great way to continually send a gift without having to purchase and send every month.

Is your mate a big sports fan or does he/she love going to concerts? Why not buy them a couple of tickets to a sports game or a concert. Buy them two tickets, so they can take a friend. If you really want to make it special, send them one ticket and surprise them at the event by sitting in the seat next to them. This will surely be a present and a moment that the two of you will never forget.

Music to My Ears
Does you mate have an iPod? If he or she does, create a play list of your favorite songs and send them to your mate. Not only will you be giving a great gift, but you'll also be sharing your music taste with your mate.

Tasty Treats
Sending your mate cakes, cookies, and other treats can be a good alternative to flowers. This is a great gift on birthdays! You can't share a cake with your mate, but you can definitely send him or her one!

Treat your mate to a day at the local spa! At Spa Finder, you can search for local spas and order gift certificates to send to your mate. You can search by zip code, so it's very easy to find a great spa.

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