Monday, December 7, 2009


Boys...plz DONT do the following....Plz think of ur gf feeling........
  • Don't always LATE..!!!
    We don’t mind they late for half, but they late until 1 hours plus..!!
    And they get angry when we are late…!!! They always say “on the way, on the way, almost there”.

  • Don't WONT pick up her phone call….!!!
    They wont answer when we call, and they expect us to answer their phone call all the time, and they just simply end the phone whenever they want…!! With the reasons, busy meeting!!

  • They can simply cancel the appointment with us…!!
    But we cant simply cancel or forget my appointment with them! Or they get mad!!

  • They forget us during day time…!!!
    They busy working, don’t even remember who I am…!!! They only remember me after 9pm..!!

  • Phone calls all the time!!
    Their phones just cant stop ringing….!! They always busy on phone even in the middle of the night!!!

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