Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOVE Check

Before you see this I promise that what I write is true from my heart....

12) You will read his old sms over and over again
♥Yes, I always did that when he is busy and when I am leave alone without his sms or call....♥

11) You will walk really slowly when you are with him
♥Yes, but he always wants me to walk faster to go home because he know that I am tired....♥

10) You will be shy when you are with him
♥Yes, when the 1st time he ask me out for a date....♥

9) When you think of him your heart will skip a beat
♥Yes, always....make me feel like stop breathing...♥

8) When you hear his voice you will smile for no reason
♥Yes, smile when he is on the phone....laugh after we hang up and hug Jordon or the bear he bought for me on Christmas day...♥

7) You will wait online for hours just to talk to him even if its for 5 minutes
♥Yes, when he was apart from me last year to Australia but at the end he scold me but the next day I still waiting...♥

6) You will start listening to slow and meaningful songs
♥Yes, when I am bored at his shop...♥

5) He will be all you will ever think and talk about
♥Yes, I talk about him to my friends and family often...♥

4) You like his sweaty smell

3) You will repeat those 3 little words in your head.......*[I LOVE YOU]*
♥Yes Yes Yes I did.....I love you.....♥

2) You will do anything just for him
♥Yes, I can give up anything of myself for him...♥

1) There was that special boy in your head the whole time u were writing this
♥Yes...he is...and will always be.....♥

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