Wednesday, May 22, 2013

8Days before THAI

It was 8 days before bring tour to Thailand.  Was very busy recently.  Get ready all sort of stuff for my customers from the name list to room list to air tickets and hotels even the itinerary and prepare myself too!  I was quite excited yet a bit nervous thou. :)

I don't have a long jeans and only have one short jeans, its time for me to shopping!  A long long list of shopping list to get ready to be burn under the sun in Thailand!  Sunblock is the most important part yet I am still considering which brand to use for a better coverage and protection from the harmful UV rays!

Currency exchanged done yesterday!  Hope its enough for shopping while working! :)
THB exchanged!
My look to work usually is light and natural make up with simple hairdo!  I dont like to wear heavy make up, just a simple uv rays protection will do!
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20/5 - Monday Look <3 td="">

22/5 - Today's Look <3 font="">

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