Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baby and Outfit

I guess to all Malaysian, Sunday was the most nervous day ever!  0505, vote for a better Malaysia!  I am not voting this year as I cant make it for the register!  But I want to have a better place to live in too! Unfortunately, its still the old Malaysia which make most Malaysian disappointed. 

A late post for my baby boy! My baby Jordon's 3 years birthday is on Sunday!  I dint make it special this year for him but I bought him his favorite treats!  He was happy thou... :)

My cutie baby boy!
(2 )
(3)  Taken 3 years back at the beach when he was 5 months old

My baby boy and I
My precious baby boy, mummy love you so damn much!  

Outfit Post

This was also a late post for yesterday!
Everyone goes black 0605 yesterday because of the election which was unfair, but I wear the opposite of it.  For me, never gives up hope!  Take the fade and believes there are still a brighter path in front!

How about having WHITE + BLUE?

My outfit for a "black" monday

I am giving myself an original outfit for OL, clean ponytail, white blouse bought at KL 3 years ago, and a blue shirt with strips above the belt also bought 3 years ago at Boulevard Mall Kuching.  Lastly, my pink bag and a pink hand-phone cover from boyfie!

Forgive me for my messy table :)

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