Thursday, November 1, 2007


If you are uncertain, timid or vague,

If you are not sure which is the way;

If you are concerned, what will bring,

If you are dissatisfied with any old thing;

If you are fearful or what tomorrow may be,

If you are willing to forever be free......

Then you need to take hold of your life from this day,

And you must be plan a far better way.

It's goals that you need to straighten you out,

To smooth out the path and to get you about.

For goals set a sight is clear and is bright,

And goals give you purpose to strive and to fight.

Your life is of value and the world is your home,

So Stop now and think of where you should roam.

Just make a new start, to win and to claim,

A fresh firm new goal with a difinite aim.

Then chase after your goal with a definite desire,

With passion and excellence, as if you were on fire.

Do not be timid or reluctant or slow,

Just move into top gear and tell all system go.

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