Monday, October 4, 2010

Heard that


1 整天 打你 骂你 说你 笨蛋 不让你 抽烟 的 女生 要惜  (YES)
2喜欢吃棒棒糖的女生 (YES)
3总是 送你 小礼物 的女生 (YES)
4让你 唱歌 给他 听 的女生 (YES)
5对你 发脾气 却哭了的女生 (YES)
6喜欢 粘着你 分开时 却嘟起小嘴流泪的女生 (YES)
7这个你可能不知道 你睡觉 时 她总是 喜欢 默默 的 看你 (YES)
8表面上 不在乎 你 但 你生病时 她 却着急 的 落泪 (YES)
9 帮 你省钱的 女生 (YES)
10喜欢让你 在她最伤心的时候 陪在身边 (YES)

But why?? I am like the girl mention.....but at the end....i get nothing but being torture and hurt.....I hate that I treat him so good.....I hate that I always forgive him....I hate I being so soft hearted.....but I like breaking up with him make me confidence is back...and my smile is back....
He never appreciate and cherish me, he is the one who lost everything not me......he lost a good girl who ever love him no matter how he treat her.....and she is now gone...and never will be back to you.....
She will have a wonderful life in future cz what u did to her, she learn a leasson....but for the guy, he never will meet the 2nd one he DONT deserve it.....

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