Monday, October 18, 2010

MSRQ semi final

 Miss Sarawak Race Queen 2010
(1 NOV-3/2010)

In this semi final, I am contestant number 27.  I am the most voted contestant....and I am so happy and want to thanks to all my supporters.  And I am one of the FINALIST.
I will try all my best to do the best in the final.  Win or lose doesn't matter.  The process of trying and not giving up is the best "taste".  And of cz friends and experiences will also be gained.
Its is so meaningful for me.

Race Queen is also call umbrella girl.  
What a wonderful job. I love it.  *hehe*
Standing under the hot hot sun with an umbrella and talk to the riders and heard lots of stories about their dreams.

Watch out our news.  We are back again not long from now.......^^

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