Monday, October 18, 2010


Yesterday, Sunday, 17/10/2010

7 of us (Miss Sarawak Race Queen Finalist 2010) who stay near to Kuching is invited to go for an interview for the media at Puteri Metro.

We are given a piece of paper and a pen to drop down our profile and some story of our own.
At first I was blank and dont know what to write, after at the end I then write a small story about my ambition.  Although I am blur about my ambition cause I have lots of things that I wanted to do.

Then, here come a flash of my dearest SISTER (Evelyn Ting) and I think of our dreams in future.  That the thing that make me awake.  
Thanks. ^^

Then for our ending of the interview,
We had a photo shoot by the road.
Check Ou the Newspaper everyday for 7 days. 

Catch us!

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