Sunday, November 14, 2010

360 Hotel

On the 6 November 2010
I had my photo shooting session at 360 Hotel Kuching
which is located at Hock Lee Center
It is quite a beautiful hotel cz It is fully build with:
Kitchen, living room, toiletbalcony and bed room.
It is like a real house with 2 aircons~

The photos below are only some of them among 400++ photos
of cz I am not going to upload that much,
just some of it for sharing~


Edited by: Alvina Ting
Model: Alvina Ting
Make up: Alvina Ting
Photographer: "Secret"
Assistant: Teddy Bear

Come closer....come eyes will kill you down.....hahahahaha  xp

Dreaming is my hobby......^^


I am who I am,
I wont change because of anyone,
cz no one worth it~

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