Tuesday, December 7, 2010


If you see a red umbrella on your desktop means your PC is safe~

My uniform code:
Air Stewardess

What am I doing this 3 days??
I am hired to be Avira's Showgirl for the PC Fair.

Avira's new promotion:
Buy 1 free 3~
Oppss...dont be misunderstanding....
It means: buy 1 Avira Antivirus will give you free 3 Tune Up Utilities~

So worthily~
I bought myself one also....

I wear high heels standing there for 3 days~
I found myself growing up a lot already.
I smile even my leg hurt so much~
I still wearing high heels for 3 days without changing to flats~
Some customers saying that I am a professional showgirl they ever see in kuching and saying that I am a very responsible young lady~ haha  ^^  so happy to be praise.....

Great to know so many friends even from KL (Mike n Ivan)
Enjoy the days we play and have fun,
Enjoy the days we shout for "AVIRA!!!"
Enjoy the days we work together~

This picture taken at the last day of Pc Fair Kuching (5/12/2010)

Bye bye~~

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