Thursday, December 9, 2010

Endless Love

Happiness is a soft little furry pup laying against the side of your leg as you watch TV on the couch.  Quiet, loving, unconditional companionship .  Joy!

My Baby Jordon & I - ENDLESS LOVE

I love you with all my heart, your my life, my soul. Loving you is the most wonderful thing ever. You are the most adorable thing I've ever seen. You're my child, my baby... I love you.

There are somethings in life for which no words can fix, it is those times that my Baby Jordon knows just how to make me feel better, in ways no one else can.  Jordon makes me so happy , it seems as though he knows when I am having a terrible day ,he smiles and is a good listener, venting helps even if it is a dog .

You are loving, affectionate, funny, loyal,  a good listener, protective, you never complain,  your my best-est friend, your ... my Baby!

I tell all my secrets to my Baby Jordon.  He listens and never judges and I know that he will keep my secrets safe forever. There is much comfort in that knowledge.

you leave footprints on the floor, slobber on the car windows; half chewed biscuits hidden around the house and you also leave paw prints on my heart!



'Qx εvεlчи.夏天 ♥ said...

eee.. jealous jordan la :p

'Qx εvεlчи.夏天 ♥ said...

eee.. jealous jordan la :p

'Qx εvεlчи.夏天 ♥ said...

whoopsy ! *jordon

said... need jealous my dear...u r also my love....we oso has endless love...we r forever a haooy family.....^^