Monday, April 12, 2010

Being Human

Me and my BF watched Being Human yesterday night by 10.15pm at MBO
cause we are late for 8.15pm and there are no more places for two
to wait the time past till 10pm we drink water and walk around to think what stuff we don't have for Bali

Being Human,
It was a great movie which reflects the reality of our life
And this movie teach us a lesson to be a good and trustful businessman

It is so touching when the part they lose their children and when everything goes the other way round...which means all the disaster STARTS and the ending is THE END......

The most unforgettable part is the main character is a very loving hubby to his wife
He care for his wife with wholehearted till he makes a huge mistake with is attitude

BUT at the end it is a happy happy ending

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