Thursday, April 8, 2010


Looking for handmade stuff?

You can find this unique one-of-a-kind bags and other item at

Beautiful cuties prints inspired by Yomi’s very own handmade, those bags can lift hearts and brighten dull and boring days.

With limited pieces of each making it super unique and exclusive.

Love, Blood, Sweat, Heart and Soul were poured to make every piece a satisfaction.

Girls, what are u waiting for?

Go ahead... take your pick!

These are some of the handmade stuff selling

1) Handmade Handbag

Handbag with the alphabet Y

2) Hand-phone Pouch

Cute teddy bear printed

3) Card Holder

Find place to hold your name cards or business cards?
Here is a girlish pink card holder for your cards to stay in.

4) Sanitary Pad Bag

Shy to taking out for toilet?
This is the best item for girls.
Sanitary pad can put two pad inside at each side.

For more information and products,
Please visit:



sms her at 0146968086.


Anonymous said...

Nice....I will look into her page....You make me want to buy......haha


thx for visiting and compliments......^^